Question: How can recessed manhole covers be invisible?
Answer: The easiest way to answer this question by considering the following scheme

aku_vaaki_1-eng aku_vaaki_2eng AKU_VAAKI_3

Looking at these images, you can see that the recessed manhole cover is barely noticeable. It merges with the upper layer coverage, which makes it invisible. After installation, you remember about it only when the recessed manhole cover is open.


Installation instructions. The secret is that therecessed manhole cover can be filled with any surface, from pavement to lawn.

Question: What should I know before installing the recessed manhole cover?

Answer: Depending on the place where you want to install the recessed manhole cover (on the lawn, the pavement or elsewhere) before ordering and installing the cover, check out:

  • On what basis the currently cover is installed- on the stone, concrete or wood frame?
  • The diameter of the manhole, the diameter of the top hole of the manhole? 
  • What is the height of the coverage (grass, pavement, etc.) relative to the base of the recessed manhole cover?
  •  What is the planned loading on the manhole cover? For example, the tonnage of the car, if the cover is installed on the roadway.
  •  If you plan to use a recessed manhole cover for paving, what will be the thickness  of paving (6 or 8 cm)?

Ideally, please send us an additional photo, on which we can see the manhole cover and its surroundings.

Question: Is it possible to install the recessed manhole cover myself?

Answer: Yes, of course! In almost all cases (with exceptions) you can replace the old cover yourself, after having consulted with our professionals Follow the instructions that are given to complete with cover, step by step, you will quickly reach the desired result.


Question: Is it possible that the recessed manhole cover can be deformed or broken?

Answer:  Such a possibility does not exist, because the recessed manhole cover is made ​​of galvinezed metal and (or)  polypropylene. Depending on the coverage (lawn or pavement) and projected loadings on the recessed manhole cover you can buy the most suitable option. With proper selection of the  recessed manhole cover  the possibility of deformation or breakage is excluded.

Question: Where can I buy the recessed manhole covers?

 Answer: Look for and ask them in the best department stores or contact us.