So far I know, it is the most aesthetically successful solution for covers of wells. A great example of that is enough only to cover the replacement of communication in order to visually enhance the public space and garden quality. Ideal for representative areas with complex paving pattern options.

Sanda Brence

landscape architect


The main positive feature of this innovation is that of communication and their topcovers are visible only to persons who are engaged in their service. Other people do not see this. The area should be as free from the clogging of its elements, so that people had the opportunity to fully enjoy the accomplishment. And the presence of underground utilities, in this case, did not interfere with human perception.
The fact that the customer – the shopping center «Spice» – nothing stated about the products referred to as – the new accomplishment, achievement can be considered as a necessary goal. The customer simply did not see mentioned covers for the wells.

Aivars Treicis
SIA “E.Daniševska birojs” , road engineer-designer


The technology of topcovers for the wells in the arrangement of the works of the gardens is a unique and invaluable, because before we had to put up with all sorts of visually and emotionally unacceptable, coercive solutions, such as – a flowerpot on the lid on the lawn, the lid painted in green paint, and so on and so forth. Pleasant and the fact that the costs of these solutions are also acceptable. The company «Galantus», engaged in design of gardens, is already working with this product and will continue to offer our clients mentioned modern and convenient solution.
Ansis Birznieks
SIA “Galantus”  gardener, lawn expert


The topcovers for the wells, which can be hidden under the grass, very well fit into the landscape of our rural estates, where the main value is to preserve the natural beauty of nature with modern technology.

Vita Šķipare
Owner of the farmstead


New recessed manhole covers are valuable find, and useful thing to create a well-groomed and beautiful environment. New topcovers for the wells in 2010 have already been used at several sites -in  creating private gardens and landscaping in public places, and in the parking lot near the new shopping center «Spice» and in the Limited Liability Company «NEO». The result is that the new topcovers for the wells may no longer be seen, and it is though a small but important contribution to the pleasant appearance of the city.

Andris Dreska
SIA “Alejas projekti”  Chairman of the Board Create and design landscapes.